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The Drift Matsuri 2017 date confirmed

THE end of the season event everybody wants to attend has been confirmed.

The Drift Matsuri will once again return to the wonderful circuit of Anglesey Circuit in north Wales.

There will be three tracks, an open pit lane, night time drifting, and of course, the after party!

More details coming soon!

Spring Matsuri 2017: The Report

The 2017 kicked off with Spring Matsuri at Rockingham Motor Speedway, it’s the second time that this event has started the season following on from the success of Drift Matsuri at the end of each season.

Four separate tracks across a single venue awaited the drivers, two fast layouts featuring sections of the oval complete with banking complemented the fast twists and turns of the infield.

The final track was a new layout in the outer paddock which was open for all of the drifters to use on Saturday, Driftcup round 1 would then use this track on Sunday.

One of the highlights at these events is the wide selection of cars that drivers choose, from RX7s, AE86s, 350Zs and a whole host of R and S bodies.

Marc Huxley’s Celica is always a crowd favourite and driving a rare car doesn’t change his all out driving style at all, running the wall around the top of the banking.

This event brings together drivers of all skills from amateurs to BDC Pros, all with the aim of having the most amount of fun possible out on track and in the pits with their friends.

On Saturday night if a full day of drifting hadn’t been enough entertainment, the night battles would solve that. This year teams of three drivers would have to impress the crowd if they wanted to take the win.

Plenty of action followed over the next couple of hours before Team NoChill took the victory.

Away from all of the track action there was plenty to do including an RC track, skate park and the party through to the early hours of Sunday.

Another day of drifting awaited on the main tracks whilst Driftcup attracted the crowds to the outer paddock.

By the end of the weekend many tyres had been shredded & many smiles and laughs were had. It was another successful start to the season that looks to be one of the best that Britain has seen!

We will leave you with more photos from the event, until next time…

Whats on where

As we get set for THE drift event to kick off the season in style, we can now show you a sight plan so you know whats on where!

As you can see, as you arrive at the venue you will collect your tickets at the security hut when you arrive.

Make sure you have your order number with you.

If you are spectating, follow the signs for the spectator parking, this will lead you to the rear of the main grandstand.

In the middle of the main grandstand you will find the wonderful Diner that will be serving refreshments all weekend long.

There is a pedestrian walkway under the grandstand which will give you access to the inner pit area. Make sure you check out the view from the top of the pit garages!

In Garage 25/26/27 you will find the RC drift track set up, this will be a 1/10th scale replica of the Outer Paddock and HEL DriftCup track! If you have an RC drift car, bring it with you and have a go! There will be cars for you to have a go!

The half pipe will be set up in the inner paddock area where Webbie and his crew will be doing their thing!

From 16:30 the car park out side the welcome centre will become the Triple Drift paddock area,  make sure you leave this area free for the competitors!

After that there will be THE party in the Welcome Centre, Mike Lewis will be on hand playing some banging tunes until late!

On Sunday, HEL Performance DriftCup will get under way from 09:00 with practice! See the talent of tomorrow today!

Its going to be a fantastic weekend and an event NOT to be missed!

We look forward to seeing you there!


We are giving away TWO free ticket to attend the Spring Matsuri at Rockingham Motor Speedway!

To enter the competition, go to our Facebook page HERE!
We have pinned the poster below to the top of the page.
Simply LIKE – SHARE – Post a comment that you have shared it!
We will pick one lucky winner who will receive TWO free tickets to attend the event FREE OF CHARGE!

Make sure you follow us on Instagram too @DriftMatsuri
We will be doing live sessions from the event – Not to be missed as ANYTHING could happen!


The Spring Matsuri 2017 will feature a Team Triple Drift competition that will take place in the Outer Paddock on Saturday evening.

The competition is open to an drivers who are taking part in the event, this include DriftCup drivers.

If there is an overwhelming demand, there will be a Facebook live session to pick the teams that will take part in the event.

The competition will have a judge over seeing the competition, however the CROWD will be the main judges! We expect people to bring airhorns, whistles and anything else that will make lots of noise to cheer on their favorite team.

If you are driving at the event, the application form can be found here > Spring Matsuri Team Event application form.

Will your team be crowned Spring Matsuri Team Event Champions 2017?

Spring Matsuri – When and where!

We can reveal the Spring Matsuri will return to Rockingham Motor Speedway on Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th March 2017!

The venue hosted the first ever #SpringMatsuri in 2016 and was an incredible event!


The Infield is ultra high speed and rewards the brave!

The Oval will offer an exclusive layout only used at the Spring Matsuri. The concrete blocks on the pit exit are moved to allow drivers to drift into the pit lane!

The rear of the Oval will be changed from the regular track used at Rockingham Drift Days. Use of the inner and outer walls will transform the layout!

For 2017 there will be a fourth track in operation on Saturday! The Outer paddock will be exclusive for those who wish to practice twinning and proximity drifting! Whether its your first time drifting or you have been drifting for years, this is the track for you! This will be sold as a different ticket for those with a tighter budget and those who wish to practice twinning and proximity rather than high speed drifting the other parts of the Matsuri offer.

Full details of how much places will be, when and how to book a ticket will be announced on Friday the 6th January at 8pm!

In the mean time, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @driftmatsuri for images from the #SpringMatsuri2016 and #Driftmatsuri2017

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Driftmas and a fantastic new year!

The official film from the Spring Matsuri

The event would be the largest drift event the UK has EVER seen!

Over 200 drivers would take part in the event at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

They would experience the thrill of the oval in TWO specially designed track!

The Infield circuit would see car destroying tyres at an alarming rate!

The event was a HUGE success and we hope to return for more of the same in the future!

For now, sit back an enjoy some of the highlights int he official film of the 2016 Spring Matsuri!

Drift Matsuri 2015: The Report

Anglesey Circuit played host to the third annual Drift Matsuri this last weekend, hundreds of drifters, three tracks, night drifting and a party, the season would end in style!


There is no competition here, just a gathering of drifters looking to enjoy their weekend on and off the circuit.


The track action kicked off on Saturday morning with the drivers getting to choose between the three tracks. The touge track rose up above the rest of the track before cresting the hill into a blind initiation, it then winds its way back down the hill with a few tight corners.



The hairpin track was mainly used to practice their entries with a few people trying backwards entries throughout the event.


The final circuit was the BDC loop in reverse, a run upto the first corner would see the drivers hitting 3rd gear before initiating past the pit exit, a quick manji down the straight before initiating into a banked right hairpin. It’s a fast track that finishes with a high speed right hand bend.




There were some familiar drivers out on track with regular BDC and IDC drivers taking part, the lesser known drivers get to mix it up with some of the drivers they look up to and learn from them whilst on track.



The selection of cars was better than ever before, ranging from a hotrod powered by a turbo charged SAAB engine to a host of AE86s and everything in between.



As the sun started to set the drivers would return to the paddock whilst a selection of drivers prepared their cars for the night drifting demo.


The spectators crowded around the edge of the track all waiting to see the cars emerging from the darkness at speed.


The drivers describe this as scary but incredible fun, it’s amazing watching as they manage to run close together at high speed in the dark.



Most of the cars had been decorated with light bars, neons, strobes, anything the drivers could get their hands on to make their car visible for the spectators.




After 2 hours and lots of shredded tyres it was time for the track action to stop for the evening but the party in the paddock went on much later into the night.


Sunday morning and it was time for the track to open again, the drivers would get another full day of drifting and everyone headed out onto track to make the most of it.



By the end of the day everyone was exhausted, it was time load up and head home from another successful Drift Matsuri.


We have added just a few photographs some of the additional media that were present.

You can view our full event picture gallery on the DriftMatsuri Facebook page



Drift Matsuri 2015 – The timetable

Ladies and gents

With only a few days remaining before we head to Anglesey Circuit for THE drift social of the year, we thought we’d give you a run down of the timetable

All three tracks will open at 0930 on both days

There will be a lunch break at 1230 on both Saturday and Sunday.

Track will reopen at 1330 on both days

The tracks will close at 1700 on Saturday and 1630 on Sunday

The Night time demo will take place between 1900 and 2100. Expect a sight like no other, strobes, neons, and plenty more!

Not forgetting the drift trikes which will run till late!

Plus the ‘Party in the pits’

It’s going to be AWESOME!

Calling all media – The details

Calling all media types who would love the opportunity to be able to shoot the action at the 2015 Driftmatsuri!


You will need public liability insurance with with indemnity of a minimum of £5,000,000.

You will need to show copies of previous work over the past 12 months.

A covering letter from the publication or organisation you are working for.

If you tick all those boxes, drop us an email to [email protected] and we will forward you the relevant application form for you to fill and send.

Applications will be dealt with direct with Anglesey Circuit and they will have the final say to whether you qualify for media accreditation.