A few details before tickets go LIVE at 8pm

Ladies and gents

To clarify a few details.

All tickets will go on sale at 8pm in the shop.

There will be places available for those wishing to drive either Saturday, Sunday or both ‘Weekend Driver’.

Any additional drivers must pay in cash on the day of the event for the cost of £50 per day per driver.

** The sin bin will be in operation on the car, not the driver **

Passengers must pay in cash on each day of the event at the cost of £25 per person per day.

Garages will also be available which hold four cars comfortably, these will be available for Friday and Saturday night.

EVERYTHING will be sold on a first come first serve basis will no exceptions.

Please note there will be a very small delay while all items go live.

Once driver tickets have sold, we will start a reserve list, to be placed on the list you must send us a message via this Facebook page. We will need your contact telephone number and email address.

The reserve list will not be started until we announce all places have been sold on our Facebook page.