Spring Matsuri 2017 details

With the date now set in your diary, time for some information.

The details you all need for the event are as follows:

Tickets will go on sale on Sunday the 12th February 2017 at 8pm.

There will be a two types of driver tickets for Saturday;

  • The first will be for the Outer Paddock area ONLY. This will be the same track as used for round one of DriftCup on Sunday. A bespoke layout which will encourage proximity drifting. Places will be limited to ensure plenty of seat time for all – £99
  • The second driver ticket will be for the Infield and Oval layouts – £179

Sunday and weekend tickets;

  • You will be able to buy a driver ticket for Sunday – £179
  • A discounted driver ticket for the weekend – £340
  • Garages (24 available) that holds two cars for the weekend with access from Friday £100
  • A weekend spectator tickets will be £30 if bought in advance from the website.  £35 on the gate
  • A Sunday spectator ticket will be £16.50 if bought in advance from the website. £20 on the gate
  • Passenger wristbands will be available for sale at £25 per day
  • Additional drivers will be charged £50 per day

Camping is free of charge for all

Drivers, if you buy two tickets or someone else pays for your ticket, you MUST tell us the drivers name. Tickets WILL BE REFUNDED if we are not told within 14 days!

Driver tickets are not to be sold or transferred. The person named must be the driver on the day. There will be a reserve list set up for those who miss out on buying a ticket.


If you fail to secure a ticket, we will be operating a reserve list, to be placed on the reserve list you must send a message to us via the Drift Matsuri facebook page. Drivers will be placed on the list in the order of request.

The reserve list will not be started until all places have been sold.


All driver and garage tickets:

A 75% refund will be granted up to and including Sunday the 5th March 2017.

No refunds will be offered after Sunday the 5th March 2017.

All spectator tickets are none refundable.

The event will run an open pit lane policy on all tracks.

There will be a radio controlled drift track operating within one of the garages. If you have a radio controlled drift car then make sure you bring it with you.

Refreshments will be available on site in the cafe.

The event is for EVERYONE, whether you are drifting or not, this is the event to be at!

Cars do not need to be caged and drivers of any level are welcome due to the nature of four different tracks.

Helmets and seat belts are mandatory.

Car specification:

  • No oil or fluid leaks will be tolerated.
  • All vehicles must have front and rear functional tow hooks or straps present. BMW OEM screw-in tow hooks are not acceptable as they shear when pulled at an angle. If towing hooks/straps are not fitted, cars will be recovered by whatever means necessary and RDDAYS cannot be held liable for any damage caused.
  • All vehicles must be maintained to a satisfactory standard.
  • The noise limit is 105 DB at three-quarters throttle in a static test.
  • Cars must have at least 2 working rear brake lights.
  • Cars must start the day with both front and rear bumpers fitted.
  • Cars must have headlights or headlight covers and tail lights fitted into the factory positions and in reasonable condition.
  • Cars must have all factory glass or Perspex replacement windows (driver and passenger window glass can be replaced by approved netting).
  • Cars must have all panels present (including bonnet) and in reasonable condition without any sharp edges.
  • Rude or offensive stickers/number plates must not be fitted.
  • Cars may be subject to checks by RDDAYS staff at any point during an event and may be prohibited from using the track until any faults are rectified.
  • All decisions by RDDAYS staff are final.
  • Have a 1kg hand held fire extinguisher fitted