Spectator details

Here are a few details for spectators at theTire Streets UK Drift Matsuri 2023

Advance tickets are discounted, however you will be able to purchase them on the gate with cash or card. www.driftmatsuri.com/tickets

Access will be granted from 4pm until 9pm on Friday 🕒

Gates open at 7am Saturday and Sunday from 8am for drivers only !

Please be aware, Saturday spectators may stay for the party, however refunds for Saturday wristbands stop at 2030 !

Spectators, we ask you that you do not arrive until 0915 !


There will be a specific camping and parking area for spectators ⛺

The banking will be closed off on Friday and open on Saturday morning for spectators. Once it is full, ALL other vehicles MUST use the parking area!

Only those with a paddock pass are permitted in the paddock area!

Toilets, light and rubbish bins will be provided 🚽🔦🚮

Showers are available in the paddock area 🚿

We will have a dedicated area for broken and unwanted tents and gazebos, please use them!

We also expect you to use the dustbins provided for your rubbish 🚮

The café will be open on Friday evening and all weekend long ☕

A Saturday ticket is for Saturday only and does not include camping on Friday night

A weekend spectator with or without camping covers attendance from Friday through till Sunday. Non camping ticket holders must leave site each night.

There is no camping allowed on Sunday night. ⛔

Driving on the grass or on any access road like an idiot at the venue will not be tolerated under any circumstances. You will be escorted to the gate and sent on your way!

Pop and bangs, leave that for car shows and the fire work display ….. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Burn outs, don’t even think about it! 🤚🏽

Streeto – Don’t even go there or again, you will be escorted to the gate and sent on your way 👋

Spectator passenger rides, please see our previous post for details.

They can be purchased from the office in the middle of the garage complex. These will not be for sale until 1030!

Mates, friends and family passenger wristbands will be available from 10am.

NB. All spectator tickets are non refundable.