Monday 24th September 2018,
Drift Matsuri


The Drift Matsuri is the event that gives you the chance to drift at Anglesey Circuit.

It’s the most relaxed and fun weekend of drifting of the year.

We still need to make sure every driver and passenger is safe while having fun.


  • Cars must be of a safe construction
  • No fluid leaks of any kind are permitted
  • Cars must have ALL body panels fitted
  • Cars must have headlights or headlight blanks fitted
  • Cars must be fitted with a seat belt on both driver and passenger sides (if taking passengers)
  • All cars must be fitted with a 1kg hand held fire extinguisher, this must be in the driver compartment.
  • There are to be no sharp edges on the vehicle, inside and out
  • ALL batteries must be securely fastened
  • Batteries if within the driver compartment (this includes boot on hatch backs) must be in a leak proof as possible box. Dry cell batteries must be secured correctly.

ALL cars will be checked before being allowed on track.  Scrutineering will take place on Friday and Saturday of the event.  

Drivers and passengers

  • Drivers must be a minimum of 16 years of age
  • Helmets must be worn and fastened by driver and passenger
  • Seat belts are mandatory
  • There will be a zero tolerance on drink or drugs for all drivers
  • Drivers MUST attend a drivers briefing
  • Body parts must remain in drift vehicles at times while on track
  • No held held photography is permitted

There will be ore details in the drivers briefing.