Drift Matsuri 2022: The Report

The Tire Streets Drift Matsuri was back at Anglesey at the end of October for the 8th time in 9 years. It’s been the end of season event to bring together drivers from any championship and many that don’t drift competitively; for one big weekend before the winter rebuilds begin.

Anglesey Circuit has been an incredible venue over the years with the event growing each year. 100+ drivers from all over the UK & Ireland hit the track over the weekend with three circuits available each day.

There is the fast track, using the first three corners of the circuit. A climb up toward turn 1 which is flat in third or fourth followed by a short straight, most people will maji this into the hairpin but the higher-powered cars can do this in one transition.

The hairpin is banked so more speed can be held around here before a straight to build speed for the last corner, the fastest of the entire circuit!

The second layout is a simple hairpin, many might look at the map of the layout and avoid this track. They would be missing out as the huge run up allows some huge entries, backies and 360s!

The third layout is the touge track, it runs up hill from the start through a tight left hander before opening up to climb through a right hander to the crest.

As the cars initiate on the crest they drop into a left hander, some of the most iconic Drift Matsuri photos can be seen from here as the cars come into view with the sea and mountains in the background.

The final section of the track is a left hairpin into a tight right to finish the track.

There really is something for everyone at this event, from the tight twisty turns of the touge circuit to the flat out drifting on the fast track. The fun wasn’t limited to those drivers with higher horsepower cars though as the layouts can be drifted using a lot of momentum and commitment.

The selection of cars on track was incredible with a selection of competition cars such as Ollie Evans S15 that he used in DMEC this year..

Phil Randall’s Mazda B2000 Rotary pickup that he drives in Drift League..

Arunas Narmontas’ BMW E92 that has been used in pretty much everything this year!

Away from the competition cars there was plenty to be seen and often even rarer cars like the Escort Van that has become a must see over the years.

The selection of Japanese cars of track was second to none, if you love the JZX platform there were several on track in various styles..

S-Chassis’ & Skylines, got those in abundance..

Along with 350z’s, a 300ZX and MX-5s.

Away from the Japanese cars there were plenty of BMW’s in various styles and levels of build, from simpler builds right through to 700+ HP competition cars.

A couple of Ford Escorts hit the track too!

There was plenty to see around the paddock too with the chance to look at the cars up close, talk to the drivers etc. Away from that there was a selection of traders on site including a slot car track.


Saturday night featured the demo on the fast track, most of the cars had been decorated with light bars, neon’s, strobes, anything the drivers could get their hands on to make their car visible for the spectators that filled the outside of the track.

Two hours of tandems and trains followed with drivers appearing out the of darkness at turn 1 at speed before closing up door on door around the hairpin in front of the spectator area.

It’s always a popular part of the event for both the drivers and spectators.

Fireworks followed the night demos but that wasn’t the end of the night with the party still to come!

Sunday morning rolled around with all of the tracks opening up for another full day of drifting.

It might have been raining on and off over the event this year but that never dampens the spirit of the drivers or spectators. It’s always been a stand out event that brings together the drifting community, everyone is the same out on track no matter if they are a competitive drifter or not.

Off track they all come together to help keep everyone on track and at the end of the day party together.

Bring on the 10th year next year, it can’t come soon enough!